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I have been a resident of California since 1990. Originally from New York and New Jersey, I moved to the west coast to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry. I have been an athlete for a most of my life, competing in swimming, baseball, track and bodybuilding. My passion to become a fitness trainer came from the results that I have personally achieved due to exercise and diet and how it has changed my mental and physical state.

In Los Angeles my client list consisted of people involved in the entertainment industry. I trained record executives, recording artists, models, actors, writers and authors. I am always challenging myself by taking continuing education courses in my field so that I can be a strong adviser to my clients. I have changed my clients’ bodies as well as their
mental outlook, giving them more self-confidence and the gift of being healthy. I am extremely proud to be involved in each of my clients’ progress and the fitness industry on a whole.

In addition to training, I give back to the community by doing animal rescue. Finding homes for and saving the lives of helpless animals gives me great satisfaction. It is a cause that is very important to me.