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My name is Billy, and I have been training with Jimmy for about 10 months with the last 4 months meeting with Jimmy two times a week. The results of stepping up to 2 times a week has been truly beneficial. I have seen my body transform before my eyes - many of my friends and family have seen the transformation and have commented on them. I have diabetes, and am now almost non-diabetic according to my Diabetic physician, due to the training sessions, watching my diet, and doing some cardio sessions several times a week. If your looking for a Personal Trainer - I highly recommend Jimmy, especially if you want to see results, like those I have just mentioned. GOOD JOB - Jimmy!!!
-Billy McIntyre, Santa Ana

Jimmy Johnson has been a great motivator. His emphasis on form has shown me how valuable he is as a trainer. I have been working out for many years and until I started training with Jimmy, I didn't realize how important form is. His use of "positive reinforcement" really gives me the ability to complete my workouts with more energy than I've ever had. He not only makes me look great, but I feel great, mental and physical. I would highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone looking for someone to motivate and help them realize all their fitness goals.
- R. Hellander

As a former Bob Barker beauty and Playboy model as well as stunt women, I know the importance of being fit and looking good. Jimmy has not only educated me on a healthy way of living  but has changed my body when I myself had reached a plateau. Our workouts are fun challenging and i always leave feeling better than when i came.
-Mindi Miller

My friend started to work out with Jimmy as he felt the guidance of a personal trainer would allow him to gain the level of fitness he wanted at a safe pace. Within a month, my friend started to loose weight and gain muscle definition. I was so impressed, I decided to seek out Jimmyís guidance as well. Again, within a short amount of time, I noticed a change in my body and felt Jimmy was committed to helping me achieve my own personal fitness goals (and do so using correct form).
Now, 10 month later, not only have I reached these goals, I have exceeded my own expectations and continue to be very happy with the results. Jimmy's knowledge about fitness and nutrition has proven to me he understands what it takes to be an effective personal trainer.
If you are looking for a personal trainer that truly is committed to having YOUR personal interests in mind, Jimmy is the right trainer to choose.
-Craig Enberg

Although I have been working out in gyms and on my own, my workouts with Jimmy have taken my fitness level higher in a short period of time. I started training over 10 months ago and have gained a greater knowledge of my body, training and nutrition. I started with a basic understanding of fitness knowledge, but have never been able to put together an effective program on my own. He has guided me on how to exercise properly, each session emphasizing correct form. He has motivated me to truly love fitness and has pushed me to do things that I never would have believed possible, all while taking a personal interest in helping me to achieve my goals. Iíve watched my body change becoming more defined and lean. Also, Jimmy's knowledge of diet and how it affects the body is phenomenal. What I learned will have a lasting impact on the way I eat and exercise for the rest of my life. For that, I have Jimmy to thank.
-Guy Hinrichs

I have been working out with Jimmy for almost two years. In the past two years i have lost about 90 lbs and gained about 20 lbs of lean muscle.The results i have seen have been tremendous- My wife ,family and friends see a huge difference- Not only do i look different but i feel as i am a new person-I have much more energy ,sleep better and have more self confidence .I am a former Olympic cyclist,who after years of not working out -started to train with Jimmy, saw results the right way with proper form technique , diet and cardio. Jimmy has done a tremendous job with getting my body back in shape !!!!
- Jeff Brumit
Jimmy has proved to be an excellent personal trainer. When I came to him I was in need of physical therapy for my shoulder, and I was out of shape due to a cancer like illness. In a relatively short period of time Jimmy has been able to condition my shoulder and enable me to move without the pain I had. He was able to do what my physical therapist could not do. In addition, I am in much better muscular and physical condition since my illness. I am thankful to have a personal trainer that is knowledgeable and able to take care of my physical needs. I recommend him highly.
-Stephen Spagnolo
I have been exercising for years-a devoted runner and soccer player-it wasn't until i started working out with jimmy that i began to see amazing changes in my body .I've developed a more proportioned and muscled toned body working out with jimmy. Our workouts are focused ,upbeat and fun. Jimmy is meticulous about form during our workouts (he encourages healthy eating not being on a strict diet) Jimmy has enhanced my overall fitness beyond my expectations
- Dr. Sarah Germenian
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